International Airport | Boscobel, 8.94 KM West of Port Maria / 14.6 KM East of Ocho Rios
Owned & Operated by:
Airports Authority of Jamaica (1200-0000 UTC)
Location Contact #:
Tel: (876) 975-3101 / (876) 975-3734 Fax: (876) 726-4973
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Welcome to Jamaica’s newest international port of entry – The Ian Fleming International Airport (IFIA).

The airport is named after the famed Ian Fleming- creator of the world’s most famous fictional spy, JAMES BOND. Golden Eye, the Jamaican home of Ian Fleming where fourteen (14) of the JAMES BOND starred novels were penned, is located just 5km from the airport in the quaint town of Oracabessa.

Situated in the town of Boscobel, IFIA is 15km from the tourist mecca Ocho Rios and is the ideal gateway for the most discerning traveller.

IFIA Jamaica is where affordability and accessibility meet Superior Service. We will take care of you and your luggage with great ease.

Experience the IFIA difference of ………….. Easy Come. Easy Go.

Easy Accessibility
IFIA Jamaica is located 15 kilometres (9 miles) east of Ocho Rios in Northern Jamaica. It serves the tourist resort area known as the “Centre of Attraction” which includes the towns of Oracabessa, Port Maria, St. Ann’s Bay, Runaway Bay, Discovery Bay and Ocho Rios. In addition to having the most pristine beaches, hotel rooms, finest restaurants, craft markets and tourist attractions in Jamaica, this resort area also offers first class conference facilities. Using the IFIA would give you the access you need to all the exciting experiences Jamaica has to offer.

Our Aeronautical rates are competitive and are based on International standards.

Our close proximity to resorts, restaurants, golf courses and beaches on the North and East Coast will greatly reduce your transportation costs.

Superior Service
Knowledgeable staff, professional luggage handling and up-to-the-minute flight information are just some of the services we deliver in our unique Jamaican style. Our personalized service includes providing local maps, tour guides, ground transportation or information on where to find the best restaurants or golf courses at your request. We can recommend private concierge services to take care of your every whim and fancy.

Pilot Information

Traffic pattern 1,500 FT AGL (Turbo Propeller/Turbo Jet), 800 FT AGL (single engine piston/ light twin), and 500 FT AGL (Rotorcraft). RWY 9 left hand pattern, RWY 27, right hand pattern. Pilots are encouraged to reduce their airspeed to the maximum extent possible when operating below 3,000 FT AGL and within 10 NM of Ian Fleming International. Maximum speed 200 knots. To enhance flight safety, it is recommended that all local operators display landing lights whilst entering, leaving or operating within the traffic pattern. Pilots shall obtain clearance prior to entering Class D airspace. Clearance must be obtained where practicable, at least: (i) 5 NM prior to the Class D airspace boundary for aircraft entering laterally; or (ii) 1,000 FT AMSL vertically beneath the base of Class D airspace, when entering from below.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Ian Fleming International Airport!!! See you soon!

09/27, 2,767’x 90’, asphalt, cement, good condition
7° West
100LL, Jet A1
Airports Authority of Jamaica / Ian Fleming International – 122.8 (0700- 1900) daily
Mountain RWY 09
Landing, Parking/Tie-Down, Security, Departure
Available daily 0700-1900 (prior notice required outside of these hours).
Café and vending machines
Taxi or coach services hire