Job ID: 984 | Safety & Security Officer

The Position:

This position reports to the Aerodromes Manager and offers support in the management, development, implementation, monitoring and maintaining acceptable aviation security and safety management standards. This enables the company to discharge its regulatory safety and security obligations required to coordinate the continuous development and administration of the Safety Management System and the Airport Security Programme, monitoring all aspects and support the change-management process to ensure compliance with safety and security-related legislations and regulations throughout IFIA, and across all the AAJ’s aerodromes.


The Safety & Security Officer:


  • Investigates all accident or incident involving AAJ stakeholders which result from a condition relating to airport operations.
  • Conducts Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment to include the identification and implementation of corrective measures.
  • Advises of any safety occurrence or system failure and to identify and report any situation of potential risk or concern affecting system safety.
  • Delivery of internal SMS Training programmes.
  • Coordination of SMS Training programmes via external organizations.
  • Monitor compliance with SMS policies and objectives via data analysis.
  • Assist with safety awareness by way of documentation, presentations or other means with IFIA and all aerodrome staff, contractors and sub-contractors.
  • Undertake regular safety audits of IFIA and other AAJ aerodrome operations.
  • Assist with the development of hazard mitigation plans and monitor project activities to ensure compliance.
  • The development and implement a successful Safety Management System.



  • Implementing aviation security procedures and practices.
  • Ensures that initial and periodic background checks are performed in respect of Restricted Area Pass applicants. Review and coordinate the documenting and record-keeping of such information.
  • Planning and organizing initial and recurrent training for both airport employees and persons who are responsible for airport security measures
  • Ensuring compliance with the ASP and prescribed procedures by all airport-based entities
  • Conducting inspections and tests in accordance with internationally accepted standards and procedures as required by the Airport Security Programme and the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) regulations.
  • Managing the aerodrome’s security & surveillance systems.
  • Development and maintenance of the airport security programme for each aerodrome


Required Competencies:

The position requires the incumbent to demonstrate the following core competencies:  customer orientation, business focused, cost consciousness, airport safety and security awareness, self-management, environmental awareness.

The following competencies/skills are also necessary:

  • Good knowledge of the Jamaica Civil Aviation Regulations
  • Advanced training in aviation security management.
  • Exposure in the area of aerodrome auditing and compliance.
  • The ability to demonstrate good judgment in enforcing policies, rules and practices, while maintaining confidentiality.
  • Demonstrate technical capacity in developing and delivering training programmes.
  • The ability to communicate proficiently at all levels.
  • Be customer/client focus.
  • The collection, maintenance and analysis of safety data to inform improvements in IFIA Safety Management System.
  • Being physically and personally effective to withstand the challenges of extensive movement about the airport property including multi-level building facilities.
  • Working knowledge of ICAO Annexes 17 & 19


Qualifications and Experience

At least five (5) years’ experience spanning: safety management, aviation security management/administration, hazard mitigation and accident prevention, human relations, and communications. The experience should preferably come from a combination of industries such as: international transport and airport management.



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Occupational/Industry Safety, Airport Operations or Operations Management, or equivalent qualification.
  • Diploma in Aviation or an equivalent course of study.
  • Training in Safety Management Systems
  • Training in Airport Accident and Investigation
  • ICAO Basic 123 training
  • AVSEC Management Training
  • ICAO/Concordia AVSEC PMC (or equivalent) course, or
  • Airport Management Professional Accreditation Program (AMPAP)


All Applications accompanied with Resumés should be submitted no later than Wednesday November 18, 2020 to:

Human Resource Manager
Airports Authority of Jamaica
Norman Manley International Airport

Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted. Previous Applicants Need Not Apply.